A Safe Flight is the Most Important Service We Provide

As a company we firmly believe that the safety, quality, and integrity of a charter flight should never be compromised. Our spotless track record reflects the fact that safety is the paramount part of our operation. We have been in business in San Diego for over 20 years, making us one of the most experienced operators in the industry. All aircraft are meticulously inspected, maintained, and flown by our own staff of seasoned professionals.  Schubach has earned an ARG/US Gold rating, exceeding safety, equipment, and crew standards for FAA charter operators.

We have implemented a Safety Management System and have a dedicated full time Director of Safety on staff. We frequently meet as a team to discuss the latest safety concerns in our industry and are always striving build upon on our established culture of safety.


At Schubach Aviation our commitment to safety is the proactive management of identifiable hazards and their associated risks with the intent to eliminate their potential for affecting aviation safety, and for injury to people and damage to equipment or the environment. To that end, we continually monitor our operation for safety hazards and find ways to minimize them. We will encourage flight and non-flight related hazard and incident reporting, train staff on safety management, document our findings and mitigation actions as we strive for zero tolerance, zero accidents..” –Dan Hulen, Schubach Aviation Director of Operations

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