Fractional Facts

Considering a Fractional Program?

Schubach Aviation customers receive the benefits of fractional membership with none of the capital investment, asset valuation risk or remarketing fees.

When considering if a Fractional membership is right for you, it pays to crunch the numbers. Fractional Programs require substantial cash up front (usually $125k or more), and the quality of service is only equal to a charter broker. Many Fractional Program memberships impose short leg minimums, add on an additional fuel surcharge, charge excess taxi time along with flight hours used and implement peak travel date penalties.

Flying with Schubach costs less — as much as a third less. You’ll pay only for flight time you’ve actually used, and enjoy the award winning service of San Diego’s premier charter operator.

Unlike brokers and fractional programs, Schubach operates, maintains and crews every flight we book. Our volume allows us to provide excellent pricing, and you won’t have to sacrifice the quality, safety, and service you’ve grown to expect from San Diego’s largest charter operator.

Fractional Myths

For 20 years fractional ownership has provided an alternative to private air charter. The reality is, the monetary benefits are becoming less attractive, as well as an economical disadvantage to fractional owners.

Fiction: The hourly cost of fractional aircraft is much lower than private charter.
Consider the fees associated with fractional ownership. In addition to your share of the purchase price, there are monthly maintenance fees, operating and hangar fees, and insurance. On top of that, you will pay an hourly rate for flight time. Schubach’s hourly rate may be as much as 1/3 to 1/2 less than the typical fractional aircraft operator’s total rate for a similar aircraft. Monthly operating expenses charged by fractional companies are generally much higher than the actual costs. When the fractional company sells your aircraft at the end of your contract, you will only recoup a fraction of your original investment, in an aircraft with far more flight hours logged than a typical private aircraft.

With Schubach Aviation, there are no hidden fees. You will be quoted the total cost of the flight you’ve arranged, and that’s all there is to it.

Fiction: Fractional ownership is more convenient that private charter.
Fact: While it may seem that fractional ownership offers convenience and flexibility, the reality is far different.

Many fractional operators promise you an aircraft within eight hours. Schubach Aviation typically provides you with an aircraft in two hours or less. With over 15 private aircraft in our fleet, a takeoff can be arranged within minutes.

Fiction: Fractional aircraft are newer, better and safer.
Fact: At Schubach Aviation, we know there is more safety than simply the age of an aircraft. All of our aircraft are rigorously maintained, and each is equipped with the latest avionics to ensure your safety. The interiors are tasteful, luxurious and kept immaculately clean. Schubach has earned an ARG/US Gold rating, exceeding safety, equipment and crew standards for FAA 135 charter operators.

Fiction: I am living the dream of owning my own aircraft.
Fact: While no one can deny the thrill of ownership, it is simplistic to believe fractional ownership is equivalent of owning your own plane. As a fractional owner your contract allows use of any equivalent aircraft in the company’s fleet. You will rarely, if ever, fly on the plane you partially own.

Unlike an aircraft you solely own, you have no say in who uses your aircraft and how often it flies. Nothing short of owning your own aircraft provides this level of control.

If you have any additional questions about fractional program memberships please call Schubach at 1-800-214-8215.

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